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Mens Fitness Skates

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Rollerblade Lightning 9
Demanding expert ( serious skaters) who are speed and endurance...
EU €235.72
You Save 5.00%
K2 XP 6.0
Designed to reach the highest level of skating efficiency
EU €235.72
You Save 36.56%
Salomon Pilot 9
Casual fitness skaters wanting maximum comfort
EU €198.50
You Save 20.00%
K2 Spire XP
The Ultimate in 4-Wheel training skates
EU €123.44
Salomon Aero 9
Designed for the road warrior who demands the high performance...
EU €310.16
You Save 16.67%
Lightening 5
The perfect synthesis of race proven technology
EU €285.35
New Products
Bauer Core Carbon
EU €217.11
EU €186.10
Microblade XT Adjustable
EU €155.08
EU €130.27
Microblade XT
EU €136.47
EU €123.44
Lightening 3
EU €198.50